Saturday, July 30, 2011

Princess Eyelashes Makeup Look & Review

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook page then you know I recently went all crazy on some new false eyelashes on my trip to LA. WELL! Despite the major haulage on some new falsies, I have another brand of false eyelashes to review for you guys. Besides you can never have too many falsies!

These lashes are from (Princess Eyelashes Style #728B). The lashes are actually quite comfortable. I do have to add that a lot of asian brand lashes are surprisingly uncomfortable sometimes. I don't know why! But these are really great. At least for me I don't need to go the extra step to trim or curl them.

The band that goes against your lash line is just right for me. It's not too thin or too thick which matters a lot based on the types of lashes I wear because the comfort of lashes is usually based on the thickness of the band. Anyway, hope you all like the look I did with these lashes. Definitely check them out if you like the style! :)

These run for $7.77 USD.

Kate eyeshadow palette in PK-1 & MUFE eyeshadow #92

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