Saturday, October 22, 2011

Achieve the Look: Peachy Golden Brown EOTD

I just got home from a night out and I'm really tired but I thought I would push this out of the way before I go to sleep. This is my eye makeup I wore tonight. I wanted something subtle but I didn't want to go with basic browns and neutrals. I didn't feel like putting any effort into a smokey eye either so I decided to go with some golds and browns with a pop of shimmery coral in the inner third. My camera has a hard time picking up shimmers and light colors so it looks really washed out! I had to play with the contrast a little bit when I was cropping the pictures.

Since I was in a rush to do this look I didn't have time to take any full face shots. But in case anyone is wondering, I paired it with Elf Pink Kiss gloss with NARS Laguna bronzer and MAC Blonde MSF on the cheeks. I'll put down the list of eyeshadows some time tomorrow because right now I don't have them memorized. I'm just so ready for bed! Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Achieve the look: