Thursday, November 3, 2011

HANA Titanium Ionic Flat Iron 1.5" Review

I was very fortunate to try another flat iron from Hana. The first one I tried I had won from a giveaway and I love using that for curling my hair since it's a perfect size (1 inch). This one is a bit larger (1 1/2 inch) so this one is slightly easier to straighten my hair but you could also use this to add curls that are much larger. The Misikko website offers a number of styling tools and hair care supplies including the CHI Turbo and the ever so famous Moroccan Oil! HANAair also released a new professional hair dryer, The Premiere Hair Dryer!
The all new Hana Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron is Hana's first step into the titanium world. With the world's smoothest surface plates, the Hana titanium flat iron has proven to provide up to 80% faster straightening. With a PTFC core heater, the Hana Titanium will not only heat up in as fast as 6 seconds but the Titanium plates will be able to retain this heat better than any other! Beat the humidity and beat those frizzy curls! You don't deserve second best and neither does your hair!
PRICE: $239.99 USD


□ Heats up to 140-450° F
 Titanium iron with tourmaline
□ 100% ceramic heaters
□ 8 foot swivel cord
□ Includes travel pouch, heat proof silicone mat, and tin case

□ Heats up quickly
□ Doesn't pull or tug on hair
□ Different heat settings for different hair types
□ Fast and easy to use
□ Comfortable to hold
□ Smooth edges work great for adding curls
□ Hair felt silky
□ Hair looked shinier and less damaged at the ends
□ Hair doesn't "sizzle" or "smoke" as much as other flat irons

□ Takes more than one pass to straighten sometimes
□ Can sometimes take a bit longer for really thick or long hair
□ No automatic shut off (none that I'm aware of)
□ Pricey

before / after
My hair is naturally wavy and coarse but sometimes it could turn frizzy.

before / after
I tested this flat iron on my mom. Her hair is medium length but more thicker and coarser than my hair.

□ I've been using this flat iron religiously since I've gotten it. I think it works great and I don't feel like it damages my hair nearly as much as other flat irons I've used. I noticed right off the bat how very little my hair "sizzles" and "smokes" when I use this flat iron. I am so used to seeing steam come out of my hair from flat ironing that I thought it was unusual not see that much come out of it.

□ However, being that my hair is so long, I think flat irons that are 2 inches, at the least, work better for me. I did notice it took a bit longer to straighten my hair since the flat iron had less surface area than a larger flat iron which is what I generally work with.

□ This is the first flat iron I've ever had that straightens damp hair without turning frizzy. I was in a rush one day and I had to flat iron 80-85% dry hair and doing so worked like a charm! In one pass my hair was dry, in another pass it was straight!

□ The flat iron plates are extremely smooth and my hair passes through effortlessly. It's a bit too smooth for curling but perfect for straightening! But I'm not complaining! I'm still trying to practice doing curls with this flat iron. :)

□ I checked around the website to see if it had an automatic shut off which I come to find that it doesn't. I'm guilty for forgetting to turn off my flat irons and hair curlers so it's important for me to know my flat iron will shut off in case I forget!

□ The price can be a drawback but I do have to say that compared to others that I've tried (and I've tried about 7 or 8 flat irons in my life), this is the only one that feels less damaging on my hair but still offered the same results as other flat irons.

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