Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Biotin Review

I wanted to talk about biotin and my experience with it. This is just my honest review and my experience with biotin so not all results will be the same for everyone. However, I've heard really great things about biotin minus the side effects that can easily be overcome if you just stick with it! I know some of you may have questions about it so please feel free to ask them in the comments!

FACTS ABOUT BIOTIN (also referred to as Vitamin H and B7):
 Though rare, brittle hair and nails could be a symptom of Biotin deficiency.
 Health and beauty products contain biotin such as shampoo, makeup removers, even prenatal vitamins.
 Other symptoms of biotin deficiency include hair loss, weak nails, and dry skin.
 A recommended dosage of biotin is 5000 mcg.

 With consistent use, biotin helps to stimulate faster hair and nail growth.

 High dosage of biotin can lead to acne breakouts. (results may vary)
 May take several weeks to months for any visible changes.

 Because biotin is water soluble, it's important to increase you water intake for it to go through your system. Not enough water with the extra dosage of biotin may be the cause of breakouts.

 HAIR. I've been taking biotin for several months now (on and off). I believe I started in the Summer of 2011. My reason for wanting to take biotin was to boost my hair growth. Now I know my hair was already long to begin with but I noticed it was at a halt. It just stopped growing a little past my mid back. I would see my roots growing when I dyed my hair but the length always stayed the same. Partial to my hair not growing, it was also very brittle. I would get a lot of breakage which was probably the cause of my lack of hair growth.

 I would try to about 5 tablets periodically throughout the day. For the first couple of weeks I didn't notice any changes in my hair. It wasn't until after a month of daily use that I noticed my hair getting longer (at least 1 or 2 inches). My hair was also falling out and I had a pinky nail size bald spot on the side of my head that completely grew out. I also noticed less breakage and healthier hair. I've heard of other hair supplements that made women grow facial hair but I had no issues with taking biotin. I definitely noticed a difference in hair growth but it took time to notice results. Since then my hair has grown over 4 inches.

 NAILS.  My nails grew extremely fast after taking biotin. It happened almost right away! This was definitely a side effect of biotin because in addition to my slow hair growth, my nails also grew at a very slow pace, not to mention they were weak and prone to rips and tears no matter how much I kept myself hydrated. So seeing them grow and looking strong was definitely a sign that biotin was working. I was really excited because my nails have never grown so long before.

  SKIN. I didn't notice any significant improvement on my skin. It actually made it worse when I initially started taking biotin. However, after taking it several times a day for a few weeks, my body adjusted to the intake and I no longer get pimples because of it. As long as you stay hydrated and increase your water intake as you're taking biotin, then it should be no problem passing through your system.

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