Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How I Contour My Nose

I was never one to contour any features of my face. It wasn't until I noticed a difference it made the first time I tried it that I decided to stick with it. I would always attempt to contour (my cheekbones) but it never came out right. It would come out streaky or uneven or too "muddy". So believe it or not it took  practice to finally get the hang of contouring. When doing my makeup I hardly ever go without contouring. It may not seem like it since my camera washes out about 20% of color on my face but majority of the time I've contoured in some way or another. I think contouring certain features of your face could make all the difference as far as enhancing its natural structure. I contour everything from my nose to my cheekbones and even my eyelids! I don't think contouring is absolutely necessary. It's all about your preference but I really see no harm in doing it. I'm all about accentuating certain features rather than completely altering your appearance.

The way I contour my nose is so simple that it doesn't require a tutorial. But I have gotten questions about it from those who are wondering how I do it especially after my rhinoplasty.

□ MAC Cork eyeshadow (any color that's a shade or two darker than your skin tone should work fine)
□ Large eyeshadow brush from Sonia Kashuk (any fluffy brush will do)


Starting from the front of the eyebrow,
draw a straight line until you reach your nostrils.

Repeat the same process on the other side, creating 2 lines.

OPTIONAL: Create a "V" shape at the tip to create the illusion of a pointy nose.
Blend out the areas where you've applied the eyeshadow with your finger or a clean blending brush.

Before / After
You can see before contouring, my nose falls flat and doesn't protrude as much as I would like it to in flash photography. In the after photo, you can see that my nose looks more apparent. The contour helps to create a shadow making my nose look more narrow yet natural looking.