Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally Done With My Exam!

I finally got done with my Business Law test. Damn, I hardly studied for it because I just skimmed through all 4 chapters. But I was pretty confident. When I was going over the test I was like oh my fudge.. this is pretty easy. LOL. You have no idea how many breaks I took from studying last night because I just couldn't help myself. I was either looking online for make-up related ish, cleaning my bathroom or talking to my boyfriend. Anyway, lately I've been "window shopping" online for travel kits and things to take with me when I'm "on-the-go". And like the MAC 129 short handle brush, I'm also looking for travel eyeshadow brushes. I just want something to take with me when I'm "on-the-go" so I don't have to take all my brushes with me whenever I go places. This Smashbox Traveler Brush Kit runs for $60 at Ulta. They look pretty good to me but I guess I gotta see it to believe it if I ever do consider buying it. I hate buying expensive ass brushes that end up disappointing me in the end.

So because I successfully got through my super hard test of the week, I decided to go to CCO and see what they got in store for me. Plus I wanted to visit my favorite stalker sales person but it was too bad she wasn't there. LOL. Anyway, the CCO down here is pretty weak. I was disappointed in my findings because there wasn't much that I would find myself buying or even using for that matter! I just bought two lipglasses which I'm very satisfied with. The colors are so pretty! One is Electro-Lush which I'm wearing right now and OMG... can I say new favorite lipglass?! Forreal though! Haha. I also got Sock Hop from the Heatherette collection. This would've been my 2nd choice of l/g when the collection came out, but when I went to go buy it they were sold out so I was happy they had it this time. I also got a make-up bag from DW [a make-up line for Lancome]. It's so cute and it's a pretty hot pink color!

* * * * * * * * * *

I haven't been doing so many FOTDS and if I do, they're mostly neutrals & browns. But other than, it's just been nothing but my "natural look" for the past few days.