Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FOTD: Purple Vixen

A lot of you ladies ask what type of camera I use to take my pictures and how I get my close-up eye shots to be so clear. I use a Sony Cybershot DSC-W70 with 7.2 megapixel. I've had this digital camera for almost 2 years [on December]. When I take my pictures, I make sure I get a good amount of light in front of me to pick up enough color when I take the shot. I make sure the Micro setting is turned ON and I either sit in front of a desk lamp, or stand in front of my bathroom mirror with the lights on. Sometimes when I do this the picture often turns out yellow and that's when I go outside or stand in front of an open window and let the natural light shine on me. Either way works for me. It just really depends on the look and whether or not I prefer natural light or incandescent light. Also, even though I have natural/incandescent light to make the shot more clear, I still use the flash. [:

Anywhooo, something is up with the weather and it's causing me to break out and have dry skin. I hate that! My face is most def a hot mess right now. No matter how much I moisturize, my face always turns out dry/flakey. Hopefully as the weather cools, my face won't be so irritated. -____-

I've seen a few of you ladies post some purple EOTDs lately and if you don't already know, I love purple when it comes to eyeshadow. I honestly can't stress this enough. I love how purple looks on the eyes. I've mentioned it before that it's so complimenting to pretty much anything you wear. And it's true. Not only with what you wear but I think it draws a lot of attention to your eyes. The kind of attention you WANT and not the kind you get for looking crazy. I went over the top with this look and it's not at all subtle. Tell me what you ladies think. [:

What I used on the eyes:
MAC Electro Sky paint pot [LE] on lid
MAC Intense Purple e/s [LE] above crease & blended upward & inner lower lashline
MAC Carbon e/s on lid & blended upward w/ purple & outer lower lashline
MAC Dark Soul pigment on lid & blended upward w/ purple
MAC Reflects Blue PRO pigment applied over lids [<333]
MAC Cloudbound e/s as highlight
MAC Smolder kohl liner on waterline
Ardell Whispies lashes
Black eyeliner to fill in eyebrows

without flash