Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ly-Na Pearl Face Cream

I finally bought the Ly-Na Pearl Face Cream because I've heard so many good reviews on it. I bought it at Seafood City for $2.79. When I bought it, I imagined it being a little bit bigger but for the price it gives, I firgured it was well worth the cost. The packaging is also pretty cheap and it's pretty funny because when you open the box you see a picture of a man. Haha, big shocker!

Anyway, the smell isn't too bad but it reminds me a lot of my grandma. I don't know if that ever happens to you, but you know when you're so used to smelling that familiar smell, and you smell something just like it, it brings you back. Haha, I don't know if that makes sense but right when I smelt it, I automatically thought of my grandma. Haha. Maybe she uses this stuff. :P

I'll most def do a review on it soon with before & after pictures. I have a few pimple scars on my forehead and around my chin area so hopefully this stuff will work its magic on me. :)