Wednesday, October 8, 2008

UPDATE: Change in URL

Hopefully you ladies don't get confused!! I know those of you that link my site to your blog has always been BrightColoredMakeup but I've officially changed it to TinaMarieOnline. Is that more dank status or what?! But I don't care. Reason being? Well, not everyday am I gonna be able to post make-up related topics on here and not everyday do I wear bright colored makeup. The name was just a phase and well, I hope you ladies don't get confused. I know when I google search BrightColoredMakeup, my old Xanga and this current Blogspot pops up. So hopefully things don't go wrong!! OMG... I hope I didn't just kill my blog by changing the name!! Don't think that I'm missing! I'm still here!! I'll be leaving you ladies comments up the butt so you're not all who the f*ck is this?! Okayyyy!! Bye loves <333