Saturday, October 25, 2008

Victor ♥

GAAAHD I love him. I swear he's my best friend in the whole world. I could think of a hundred ways he could piss me off. But in the end I know I have so much love for him that all the little sh*t we go through don't even matter. And trust me when I say that because we do argue and we do get on each others nerves at times. But I do love the fact that he drives across California for 10 hours just to be with me. I couldn't ask for anyone else to share my happiness with. AWW I'm so corny right?! :P Haha. But anyhooo.. real sh*t, he's my best friend. When he comes down here to be with me, I swear we take over SD & we run it like no other. I don't have that many days to be with him because he has to go back up north (booo!) to go to school. But we're most def gonna take advantage of the time we have together. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [:

This does get corny so if you're not into that sappy love sh*t then I recommend not watching it :P

How we do our damn thing when we drive together okay?! LOL
Can you tell my boyfriend hella got me into cars? Heheh
And take my word for it, don't try this at home.
I suggest not recording videos while driving until fully experienced like myself.
Haha jk. (but it is dangerous :P)

I like driving next to him whether it be on side streets or freeways because we get to show off our matching turtles on the back of our cars. [: And trust me, we get plenty stares for having it.