Monday, December 19, 2011

GloProfessional Alloy Eyes Collection Review

 Top Row: Silver Streak, Universe, Storm, Jet
Bottom Row: Buff, Cappuccino, Enigma, Tuxedo

 Top Row: Silver Streak, Universe, Storm, Jet

Bottom Row: Bottom Row: Buff, Cappuccino, Enigma, Tuxedo

Jet all over the lid and outer lower lash line
Universe in the crease
Cappuccino as a transition color
Buff as a brow bone highlight
Silver Streak in the inner tear duct and inner lower lash line
Lash Lengthening Mascara in Black
A palette of shimmery hues with complimentary matte shades that can be used to create limitless looks for day and night that flatter all eyes.
AVAILABILITY:  GloProfessionals
SIZE: .25 oz. / 7.2 g

□ Includes a mix of different eyeshadow finishes (frosts and mattes)
□ Great for creating subtle everyday eyes to dramatic smokey eyes
□ Eyeshadows are smooth in texture
□ Eyeshadows are vibrant when packed on

□ Some eyeshadows were too powdery
□ Matte colors were streaky if not applied evenly
□ Excess blending would make the shadows look muddy
□ Not the most pigmented, depending on the type of primer/base used
□ Pricey

□ For someone like myself who has tried all types of eyeshadows from drugstore to high end, I'm pretty particular about what I consider quality made products. This palette was just okay for me. It took me several tries to get the most out of it because I tried different primers and bases to find what worked best. I found that creamier bases work better for these shadows because it has something "sticky" to adhere to. So a base is a must in order for these shadows to show up because using them alone probably won't show up as much as one would like it to.

□ These shadows work better when they are packed on rather than swiped especially for building up intensity. That's why in the swatches they look really vibrant because I packed on a lot of eyeshadow to show you how intense it can be. But for someone who prefers subtle smokey eyes or a wash of color, then a quick swipe with a blending brush would justify. I think both who prefer simplicity or boldness could both benefit from this palette but I do prefer it more for people who are more into subtle looks. Nonetheless I think the color choices in this palette are spot on. I do love the neutral shades, plus the different finishes, and it would be great for bringing with me for travel as my all-in-one makeup palette.

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